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You have probably seen an Umbee fish while visiting your dentist and never even knew it. Like the fish swimming in the background, providing passive enjoyment, Umbie DentalCare operates in the same manner—facilitating your business with ease.

umbie dental software

Your data and your patient's privacy is our priority! Umbie is 100% HIPAA compliant.
Umbie doesn't require a server platform, or a specific operating system, just access to the web.
Umbie Dental Care supports all major browsers found in today's devices; chances are you already have a compatible browser.
Any mobile device, including phones and tablets, with web access will work just fine.
Like all applications, Umbie will need to be updated to stay current with the changing technology; however, updates happen behind the scenes and are no longer your responsibility.
Umbie has unprecedented conversion technology that converts your practice without interruption to your daily operations.
Umbie replicates the look, feel, and function of today's mobile technology, virtually eliminating the learning curve. However, we are available around the clock to ensure that you are unbelievably satisfied.
You can run as many computers, tablets, and smartphones as you would like. No limits, no licenses needed.
Umbie utilizes the latest bank-grade encryption that keeps your data confidential and secure, while automated backups prevents against lost.