Appointments Made Easy!

Umbie's scheduler lets you quickly create appointments by operatory or provider. This makes it easy to schedule treatment plans, assign more than one provider to an appointment, confirm appointments, and much more.

  • Drag and Drop Appointments
  • Appointment Queuing
  • Quick View Icons
  • Full Screen Capabilities

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Umbie DentalCare appointment schedulder

Intuitive Treatment Planning

Umbie's clinical module allows you to add procedures, conditions and clinical notes intuitively with just a few clicks or touches from any PC, Mac or Tablet. A powerful code filter also makes it easy to create treatment plans. You can even group common related procedures into multi-codes.

  • Clinical Charting
  • Perio Charting
  • Smart ADA Code Engine
  • Treatments In Phases

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Umbie DentalCare treatment planning

Cloud Imaging That Works!

Providing the best patient care requires mobility and real-time access to dental images regardless of your location. Imaging solutions completely integrate into your practice providing the kind of functionality and real-time agility you require.

  • Direct Connect With Sensors
  • Direct Connect With Intraoral Camera
  • Robust Image Viewing Tools
  • Auto-Upload to the Cloud
  • Bridge to Imaging Software

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Umbie DentalCare x-ray imaging

Stress Free Patient Management

Umbie makes patient management pain-free, easily tracks referrals, efficiently manages families, and builds relationships by fostering personal connections with your patients.

  • Patient And Family Ledger
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Notification And Confirmation
  • Insurance Management

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Umbie DentalCare patient profile

Gain More Patients

Umbie's Patient Reviews helps you build and leverage your most valuable asset, your online reputation. With reviews for your practice published across the Web, anyone searching online can find you. You can also post your reviews on your website, Twitter account, and Facebook page.

  • Increases Your Visibility To Potential Customers
  • Interact with Your Patients
  • Gain More Patients
  • Build Patient Loyalty

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Umbie DentalCare patient reviews

Smooth Running Office

Umbie DentalCare employee management system helps your practice set goals, provide time card management, vacation requests, and opportunities for development.

  • Employee Time Card
  • Goal Setting
  • Vacation Requests
  • Role Based Authentication

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Umbie DentalCare employee management


Umbie's billing gives you the ability to process insurance claims and easily manage patient billing so you get paid faster. With a few clicks of the mouse or touch of the screen, your insurance claims and patient bills are created, validated, and electronically sent.

  • Insurance Billing And Eligibility Checking
  • Patient Invoicing And Credit Card Processing
  • Patient And Family Ledgers
  • Record Bulk Payments

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Umbie DentalCare ledger

Manage Multi-location

Umbie makes it easy to manage multi-locations with a single username and password. You can share patient records across all locations while still maintaining separate schedules and production reports.

  • Schedule Patients At Any Location
  • Manage Multi-Resources
  • Share Patient Information
  • Manage All Location In One Dashboard

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Umbie DentalCare office management

Real-Time Data In Your Huddle

Umbie's Real-time dashboard is the best way to monitor every corner of your practice. Get automatic updates from the front of office and the back of office all in one place.

  • Dental Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions
  • See Progress Month To Month
  • Get Information Quickly
  • Make Better Decisions

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Umbie DentalCare analytics dashboard

Reports That Matter

Umbie allows you to run the reports you want and need. Easily run, create, and automate reports for you and your staff giving you direct insight into how your practice is performing.

  • Automate Your Reports
  • Customize Reports
  • Clear Insight
  • Export Your Reports

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Umbie DentalCare reporting